Katana v1.5.0

Katana update

Today we bring you a Katana update filled with bug fixes and new features! The biggest changes are the ability to print the outer wall first and randomise the start position per layer for cleaner printing results.

  • Added a setting to print the outer wall before the inner wall. This was a much requested feature!
  • Added a setting to randomise the start position of the outer wall per layer! This avoid having a visible line on the outside of your model where the printing would start and end.
  • Improved flow rates for volumetric RepRap and Ulti-Gcode flavours.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes skipped infill lines when using rectilinear infill. Now all the lines are there!
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the wipe tower having the infill in the same direction every layer instead of rotating 90 degrees.
  • Fixed a bug that filtered out too many raft outline points, sometimes resulting in the raft not covering the entire bottom layer.

Usability update May

Platform update

Also this month we worked on improving the platform by adding requested features and quashing bugs. Enjoy the best Formide version ever!


  • Speed parameter to printer axis controls
  • Sentry error logging
  • Display when browser is offline and reconnect to RTM when it becomes online


  • Show slice settings advanced tabs in alphabetical order and remember the last selected
  • Setting the queue to the correct state when the device goes offline


  • Webcam popup mode
  • Do not allow two instances of the 3D viewer to be open at the same time

Usability update April

Platform update

Another week, another update! This week we worked on some of the most requested usability issues, like displaying fields in millimetres instead of microns.

Here's a list of all the tweaks:


  • Desktop notifications when the platform tab is open but not currently visible. This is supported in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Webcam stream URL added to printer settings to allow for custom IP cameras per printer.
  • Maximum extruder temperature added to printer settings to allow for better scaling of the temperate graph and limiting the temperature controls.
  • Material length added to the slice details, because you shouldn't run out of filament!


  • Filament diameter and nozzle size now displayed in millimetres instead of microns.
  • General feed rate is now a slicer instead of a text input, since it has a maximum value.
  • Added Marlin/Repetier to RepRap G-code flavour dropdown item.


  • File uploading is now disabled while the slice window is open due to conflicts in the 3D viewer.

Improved G-code console

Platform update

It's only a few days after the last big release, but we're going full steam ahead and launched a few more things today!

The biggest change is the new G-code console. It's now visible to anyone (also when not in N3RD mode!), taking multiple commands at a time and giving you feedback as the commands are sent to the printer.

We also did a few small improvements and bug fixes, see the full list below.


  • G-code console (see explanation above)
  • Real-time connection now more stable when navigation to and from Formide pages.


  • On Chrome and Safari, a page refresh was needed for drag and drop file upload to work a 2nd time, this is now fixed.

For any questions or issues you can contact us using email support.

Formide PRO is here!

Platform update

After months of developing and testing we have released our Formide PRO subscriptions! Formide PRO gives you extra functionality like integration with high quality content providers like MyMiniFactory, region settings that allow detailed slicer control, and the ability to share your printer with anyone!

Next to Formide PRO, we have also added compatibility for the upcoming v2 release of the Formide client software (that runs on The Element, integrated printers like Felix Pro Touch, and since a few weeks on Raspberry Pi. If you have already bought an Element or integrated printer before, you can follow these steps to get a year PRO for free!

Lastly we have improved the stability of device and printer status, printer detection during the setup and some small bug fixes. See the complete change log below.


  • Formide Pro subscription.
  • Support for client v2.
  • Printers are now removed from a device when device ownership is revoked.
  • Re-slice button added to the slice failed notification.
  • Total queue printing time visible on queue page.


  • Device / printer status stability.
  • Detecting an unknown printer.
  • When setting up a new printer, display the device name for the for the device it is connected to.
  • When editing the device name, save on input blur rather than on change.


  • Device connected / disconnected / slice failed notifications.
  • Setting the model colour when re-slicing a model that is too big for the print bed.
  • Do not clear printer temperature chart when print is stopped.
  • Do not have to refresh the page for header avatar to appear when changed.
  • Updating the library when models are uploaded, but screenshots are not taken.

We hope this releases allows you to enjoy Formide even more and greatly improve your 3D printing productivity!

For any questions or issues you can contact us using our email support.

More control over fan speed

Katana update

Today we have released an update for Katana that adds a parameter to define on which layer to start using the fan. For example, you can have the fan turned off for the first 4 layers, and then increase the fan speed with 10 per cent in the 10 layers after that. At layer 15, it will reach it's full speed.

You can find the detailed fan settings under the slice settings -> advanced -> fan page and try them out!

A few improvements

Platform update

Version 1.6.3 of the Formide Platform brings a few small fixes and usability improvements

  • An issue where the first layer fan speed was always 100% regardless of settings has been fixed. It is now also possible to put the fan at 0%, instead of 1% as minimum.
  • The selected printer is now correctly loaded when opening the slice window from Doodle3D.
  • Device update button has been hidden for Custom devices as this is not available.
  • Slice override settings have been fixed for Brim, Raft, Skirt and Support.
  • The fan on/off toggle has been removed from the advanced slice settings, as this can now be achieved in the slice profile or in the overrides widow by setting the fan speed to 0.
  • Additional info links have been added to help explain certain features of the platform.

Region Settings and new Model Discovery page

Platform update

Version 1.6.2 of the Formide platform provides two important new features.

The first is the introduction of Region Settings. This allows you to apply specific settings to a defined region of your model, to give you greater control over your prints. You can find the region settings in the slicing window.

The second is a new model discovery page, which allows you to find and download models from Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.

Change log:

  • Regions settings editor added to the slice window
  • Discover model page added with Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory integration
  • Library model tile hover redesigned to make actions clearer
  • Skip and Skip All actions added to the model screenshot window to save time when uploading a large number of files
  • Mobile/tablet home screen bookmark icons added

Platform v1.6.1

Platform update

Version 1.6.1 of the Formide platform focusses on redefining how users create the start and end G-code for their printers. Instead of having to write code yourself, you can now quickly build your commands at a click of a button. We’ve even added the ability to nest the commands within IF statements to give you more control. Advanced users can still view and write their G-code using the built-in editor.

  • Start and End G-code editor with predefined G-code list, conditional statements and drag and drop reordering.
  • We've added back the explore page. For now it holds a list of apps currently working with Formide, but there's more content coming soon!
  • Added quick settings to slice profile editor in the slicing window.
  • Added deep linking to open a file in the slicing window directly by passing in a correct URL. Handy for developers that want to use Formide as slicing platform.
  • You can now undo changes you made when editing printer, material or slice profile settings.
  • The printer settings dialog now has 3 tabs for clearer configuration.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the G-code flavour dropdown in the printer edit dialog.

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The Element v1.6

The Element update

Under the hood, The Element runs a piece of open source software (amongst other things) called Formide Client. This software is open source and it connects the device it's running on to the Formide cloud platform. Version 1.6 of the client software is focussed on support for custom devices (like Raspberry Pi) and bug fixes. Of course, we're not forgetting about users of The Element, which is still the easiest way to get started with Formide and connect your 3D printer to the cloud. Here's a list of bug fixes we did that work on any device that runs the client software:

  • There were some issues with checking the remaining amount of local disk storage, these are fixed now.
  • A local API endpoint was added to get the current device status, handy for developers!
  • The printer control page in the local web interface would sometimes incorrectly state that the printer or device was offline, that's fixed now.


  • Fixed printer not pausing when pre-heating 2nd extruder in dual extrusion printers


  • Updated drivers to improve support for Repetier firmware


  • This patch release fixes an issue where the node.js networking layer would trigger an ECONNRESET error that would stop the client and the printers, which is not good of course. Now you can keep on printing even when the networking has a random outage!


  • This patch release fixes an issue with parsing incorrectly formatted new lines (/r instead of /r/n). From now on /r will also be treated as a new line. Has most effect on newer versions of Cura for Windows.

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